This is a sort of process, commenced in order to prevent the printed product to be affected from the ink and other chemicals, and in order to increase its resistance period against its contact with air and light.

PE, BOPP, PET, metalized Polyimide, polyester, aluminum and paper foils are the most commonly used materials in lamination process.

Unal Sentetic, within a total harmony with the product, undertakes lamination process with and without solvent.

Laminated Products:

» Detergent packing
» Sugar packing
» Pasta and dry food packing
» Wet nap packing
» Dried fruits packing

Non Laminated Products:

» Shrink wrap film
   - AYPE Thickness: from 30 microns to any given thickness value
   - Printing Size: 420 – 1250 mm (Photocell space)
   - Max Printing Width: 1450 mm.
» Labels
» Bread Bag
» Salt packing
» Cracker Packing