Our Policy

In order to preserve and increase the experience and reputation of our company that have been accumulated so far; without compromising the sense of quality and safety;

» We uphold the job descriptions and sense of mission in all departments in order to ensure quality, capacity and profitability.
» In order to keep the quality levels of the units and the suppliers within the organizational structure at the very same level at all times and in order to ensure their persistence; we create and improve products altogether within a sense of teamwork.
» In order to improve the quality and productivity, we follow the tallest developments in science and technology closely. And in order to render the employees proficient in this regard, we organize the necessary training activities.
» By complying with the requirements of the Integrated Management System, we ensure the consistency and the improvement of the quality and the knowledge.
» By adopting the change, with the Researches and Practices (R&D) that are aimed at the permanent solutions, we create economic solutions.
» We avoid engaging in activities that are harmful to human health thus we constantly improve the safety measures regarding health and safety of the employees.
» In planning and implementation phases, we form a constant and active environmental consciousness, nested within the nature.
» In all activities, we follow the requirements of all relevant laws and regulations. We hereby undertake that we will also comply with the specifications that are presented by our clients within the legal framework.
» We ensure that the data safety requirements regarding the conditions of the Agreements, made with our employees, suppliers and clients, are fully met and we inspect this matter thoroughly.  
» As Unal Sentetik, we believe that the most valuable resource of an enterprise is “the data and customer satisfaction.”
» We provide the data safety of the information that belongs to our company in the personal and electronic communications and the data transaction, made by third parties and we backup the processed information according to the level of priority, we take the security measures, determined according to the risk level. Therefore, it is essential to access the information assets completely, accurately and without interruption in a timely manner. This subject is directly correlated with the service quality and the professional image of our company.
» The Management Policy that we currently implement is regularly reviewed and is constantly improved.

Ünal Sentetik is well aware that the consistency in product quality is only possible by ascertaining and meeting the ever changing and improving customer expectations in a complete and accurate manner.

Unal Sentetik, with its innovative, reliable Management approach, which complies with today’s integrated system concepts, achieves greater success in each day within the scope of the product quality and continuity and carries such success to the future.