PP Valve Sack

The Valve bags are usually used for the items such as cement, plaster, chemical products and similar products.

After the sack is filled in through a valve hole by a pipe, the vent is closed automatically and thus does not release the product inside of the sack, out.

This product is relatively longer lasting, lighter and much durable, compared to the paper bags.
Width Between 28 cm - 220 cm in circular weaving
Length According to the client requests
Denier According to the client requests
Weight From 40 gr/m² to 300 gr/m²
Lamination From 20 gr/m² to 50 gr/m²
UV Suitable to use from 6 months to 3 years.
Cut off Can be manufactured with Hot cutting, cold cutting, overlock or lockstitch.
Base stitch Single or double layer folding / single or twin stitch.
Printing Flexo print option up to 6 different colors on single side or dual side.
Packing Packed as bundle or pallet.
Color According to the client requests.
Valve Size Is adjusted according to any given pipe diameter.