General Overview of Canvas


All four edges are bonded and eyelets are placed in every 1 meter. In the canvas line with 1,5 and 2 meters of length has no eyelet and edge bonding. The colors are blue, yellow, green and white. While the canvas may be wrapped into cartoon core rolls, it may also be packed in smaller bundles of 3X4 or 8X10.  The rolling sizes start from 3X100 meters and reach up to 12X50 meters.


Material: AYPE and YYPE
Weaving: Sulzer
Size: Depending on the request
Characteristics: Water proof – sun blocking, resistant against rupturing, freezing and wearing.

Areas of Use

» Used as a cover sheath in warehouses, stackings and also used as a cover for train cars.
» For trucks, boats, storehouses and piles.
» Animal shelters
» Used for protecting the materials such as cement and metal in construction sites.
» Used as panel screens in incomplete buildings.
» In different industrial packing applications
» In picnic and camping grounds
» On swimming pools
» For the protection of agricultural machinery
» As a wind stopper and tent display.